What Are the Types of Dentures and How to Choose One Suitable for You?

What Are the Types of Dentures and How to Choose One Suitable for You?

May 1, 2022

Are you considering dentures to replace the missing teeth in your mouth? Before deciding, you must learn about the different types of dentures and their differences because they might seem similar. However, suppose you are trying to find out the best dentures suitable for you. In that case, it helps if your schedule an appointment with the dentist in Tulsa to receive pertinent information on these prosthetics and select an option best suited for your needs.

The market for teeth replacement solutions has expanded significantly to make available solutions like bridges and implants, which many people consider better replacement solutions. However, dentures have lost none of their credibility and remain popular with improvements to give you different types of dentures you might find challenging to choose from.

This article describes various types of dentures and how to choose one suitable for you from the Tulsa dentist.

Types of Dentures

Traditional Complete Dentures: This replacement solution replaces upper and lower sets of teeth. While bridges are fixed to existing teeth, a set of complete sits on your gums, and the prosthetic is removable. Full dentures are a suitable option if you have lost all your teeth.

Porcelain or acrylic helps make complete denture teeth held together by a metal or acrylic base. Full dentures are ready within 8 to 12 months after any remaining teeth are removed and time provided for your jaws to heal.

Partial Dentures: If you have a few missing teeth, you can seek partial dentures in Tulsa consisting of replacement teeth mounted on a pink-colored base connected to a metal framework holding the denture in place. Besides providing you a solution for your missing teeth, partial dentures prevent the remaining teeth from shifting position.

Custom Dentures: While most dentures help replace your missing teeth, custom dentures are customized to suit your smile and preferences. Custom dentures are expensive because they provide you with a more natural-looking smile.

Implant-Supported Dentures: If you want a stable solution serving as your artificial tooth roots, you might find implant-supported dentures suitable for your situation, especially if you want dentures near you in a day. The dental implants ensure you have natural-looking dentures feeling secure in your mouth and giving you a durable option.

Which Dentures Are Best Suited for You?

The information provided in this article should help you to choose the best denture suitable for your mouth. However, if you still confront challenges, you can use the following tips to decide.

Consider your budget for the dentures because not all types of dentures fit everyone’s budget. Discuss your budget with the Tulsa dentist to receive help on getting a replacement according to your needs.

When choosing dentures, you must ensure you choose a denture type that you are comfortable with. You can choose fixed or removable dentures if you prefer. The material used for making the dentures can influence the comfort levels. You receive advice from your dentist if you request information to choose the best and most comfortable denture for yourself.

Consider your dental requirements before deciding on any specific type of dentures. For example, some dentures might require you to have existing teeth removed before placing dentures. The requirements are best discussed with the Tulsa dentist before deciding on the type of denture best suited for your mouth.

Why Must You Seek Dentures to Replace Missing Teeth?

The primary reason you must seek replacements for missing teeth is to hide the gaps in your smile and restore your mouth’s functionality. Missing teeth do not permit you to chew foods as you usually did, encouraging you to swallow large chunks of food. The problem leads to indigestion besides causing nutritional deficiencies.

Missing teeth in your mouth encourage your remaining teeth to shift towards the edentulous Gap creating misalignment in your mouth and needing orthodontic treatments. Furthermore, the vacant gaps become breeding grounds for bacteria and food particles to remain trapped and develop dental infections like tooth decay and gum disease. In addition, the missing teeth cause your face to sag to make you appear older. It is why you must seek replacement solutions for your teeth as soon as possible after missing your natural teeth.

You can prefer dental implants or bridges if you want more durable solutions and are prepared for considerably higher investments. However, if your budget determines you must have dentures in your mouth, you are choosing a time-tested solution that has proven its credibility and served many people.

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