Emergency Dentistry

Emergency Dentistry in Tulsa, OK

Our dental team near you is available for urgent dental care. You will receive top-tier service in emergency dentistry from Restore Dentures and Implants.

Are You Experiencing a Dental Emergency?

If you believe you are experiencing a dental emergency and want to speak to one of us about emergency dentistry near you, even if you’re not currently a patient, please call our office now. During the call, we’ll triage your concern to provide instruction on the best next steps to treat your dental concern until our dentists can see you.

Every patient’s need regarding emergency dentistry in Tulsa, OK, will be unique to them, so it’s impossible to address every possibility within this page. That’s why we ask that you call us to speak our dentists or a member of our dental care team to learn what you can do at home until our dentists can see you. In many cases, this phone call may be all you need to find a resolution for your emergency.

How to Avoid a Dental Emergency

For those of you reading this who are curious about how to reduce your risk of needing emergency dentistry, the two most important things you can do are:

  • Make sure you adhere to a regular schedule of preventive dentistry
  • Make sure you wear a mouth guard or sports guard if involved in any impact-related sports activities

The takeaway is that preventive dental care allows our dentists to treat loose or compromised teeth and gums before they become a dental emergency, and mouth guards are protective equipment that should never be ignored.

Call us now to learn more about emergency dentistry near you from our dental team at Restore Dentures and Implants.